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Ancient Hatha Yoga to heal the body and expand the heart.

Ascension Yoga still follows the fundamental principles in Yoga of Philosophy, Pranayama and ancient scriptures. 
Yoga has always been grounded in Body, Breath, Mind....
The only difference here is Body, Breath, Mind and LIGHT....

Is this resonating with you?
Want a mini retreat during your week that exists solely to increase your state of well being? A place to gain physical improvement, positive mindfulness, and breath awareness that brings you lightness and joy...then this yoga class is for you.
Each class begins with coming into stillness and connection via the breath. We then limber thoroughly before vinyasa flow sequences. We finish with deep restful savasana, or take a mindful heart led journey. Classes reflect the seasons, moon cycle and energies of those that come to bathe in the magic.
MONDAY: 1.15PM - 2.30PM
TUESDAY: 7pm - 8.15pm / 6.30pm-7.45pm winter time
$21 per class pre-booked online or $20 in person.
(10 Pack $200 online / $190 in person)
* Allow 1.5hrs as we can get lost in the flow of goodness at times as we connect and grow together
Tuesdays 6.15am - 7.30am SOUL LORE YOGA
(6 WEEK COURSE each term $120) - Heart and light led yoga infused with laws of spirit teachings)
* STUDIO (address on booking) OR BEACH SESSIONS
- PRIVATE 1 HR SESSIONS - Tailored to your needs: $85 (allow 1.25hrs)

2024 DONATION COMMUNITY YOGA! Text Loren on 0422957482 for assistance with your community event. Happy to volunteer my teachings to help others in community!
BYO equipment but I always have spares!
There are so many benefits for children participating in kids yoga.  
With Soul Ascension Yoga for Kids your child to go home completely zenned out by the end. However, we spend our time feeding from positive energy through yoga games and activities first. There can be lots of singing, dancing and joyous yells as they let out the feeling of freedom in their hearts and joy beneath their feet. We do bring in mindfulness, breath and peaceful living practices, but there is so much yoga joy on offer!
Kids yoga is aimed at children from 5-12 years and helps children develop through yoga play; body awareness, stress management techniques, healthy living, concentration skills and physical development in strength and flexibility. What's not to love?
Loren has been teaching recreation and children for nearly 33 years and hopes she can open your child's mind to the positive mindset that yoga is.
email or call 0422957482

Have your own group of 6 or more?
I can bring the class to you!
Yoga with Loren has helped build my flexibility and my soul. This yoga journey has spanned over 6 years. I will be forever grateful for Loren and the others I have shared this time with. I'll be glad to continue to share, build strength, and grow positive energy within and around me with this perfect opportunity.

Lisa M
Loren's yoga classes are unlike any other I've attended. They're deeply relaxing and replenishing whilst still providing the strengthening, alignment and health benefits for every level of ability. I walk out feeling grounded and rejuvenated with the knowing I've had a much needed pause and reset.

Karen D
I have been to many yoga classes locally, in Sydney and overseas, and after my first class with Loren I was blown away. She has a deeper understanding of yoga; not just the physical level, but also the mental and spiritual aspects of the practice. Her classes take a holistic journey through opening the heart chakra, and the gentle removal of layers of emotions that are no longer needed, and much more. You need to take a class to fully understand the benefits and immediately notice the difference.
Amanda E
Having only experienced 'exercise' yoga previously, I was enchanted by the candlelit studio and the emphasis on finding my stength, love and light from the inside out. I will travel the 40km round trip every week for the support, knowledge and experience. The loving spirit and yoga practices have undoubtedly been the most effective therapies in my own personal recovery and has re-given hope to my life. I highly recommend Loren's yoga as a soul strengthening, meditative experience. I am forever grateful.
Goddess Amy T
Loren's Amazing Yoga
For 2 years i have experienced Loren's yoga and every time no matter my state of mental stress or chaos i always leave feeling calmer and more capable. I float out smiling, feeling thoroughly peaceful and feeling goodwill towards all. And I sleep like a baby!
I am confident with every stretch or pose that I am safe as we limber well and are so prepared. My spinal health has greatly improved and my movement through all my joints. Loren is kind, generous, enthusiastic, caring, non judgemental and knowledgeable. I love the music and bliss!
Gianna D